nail polish
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Natural manicure (women & men) – $25+
Pedicure – $45+
Polish change – $15+

Reflexology – $35/ 30 minutes
Detoxing Soaks – $30/ 30 minutes



Ear Candling Treatment
This is a treatment for ears using a hollow beeswax cylinder and lit on the opposite end to create a slow vacuum. With no discomfort, old wax buildup and toxins are removed helping to alleviate pressure and inner ear blockage. This is an old practice that has been used for centuries as a relaxing ear treatment.
$60/ 50 minutes

Ear Candling



Brow – $20+
Lip – $14+
Chin/Jaw – $16+
Nose – $12+
Forehead – $15+
Side burns – $20+
Full face – $60+
Full face with brow – $56+
Half arm – $35+
Full Arm – $55+
Under arms – $25+
Half leg – $55+
Full leg – $75+
Stomach – $35+
Chest – $45+
Back – $65+
Bikini – $35+
Full bikini – $55+
Brazilian – $65+
Glutes – $35+



ZAAZAs seen on Live Well Network‘s ‘Mirror Mirror
Click here to see the episode.
Whole Body Vibration is about three things – creating movement, reactions, and gravity.  The ZAAZ machine creates movement in the body by moving up to 30 times a second. When you stand on the plate of a ZAAZ vibration machine, the plate moves in a see-saw type motion, bringing your body slightly out of balance. By keeping the body constantly a little out of balance, the muscles have to keep contracting and relaxing several times a second. It only takes 10 minutes of ZAAZing to equal 1 hour at the gym.
$5/ 12 minutes  Perfect for before or after your appointment or even while getting your hair colored!!!

  • Increases muscle strength, flexibility, range of motion and mobility     ZAAZ
  • Accelerates metabolic rate, burns fat, reduces cellulite
  • Enhances balance and coordination
  • Strengthens and enhances posture
  • Reduces back pain and stiffness
  • Improves circulation and increases blood oxygenation
  • Stimulates and flushes the lymphatic system
  • Boosts levels of Testosterone and natural HGH
  • Decreases level of Cortisol (hormone released when we’re under stress)
  • Improves muscle tone and enhances athletic performance
  • Increases bone strength and density
  • Combats osteoporosis
  • Produces the effects of 80 different exercises by minor adjustments in posture and body positioning
  • Can be used in many different rehabilitative capacities
  • Works out all the important muscle groups of the body